Ukraine Proves Doubters Wrong

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Weekend Comes and Goes...
but Ukraine Stands Tall 

World leaders and outside observers expected Kyiv to fall within a matter of days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Defiantly, the capital remains under Ukrainian control as citizens take up arms to fight for their country. Around the globe, people have expressed admiration for the Ukrainian military and its leader Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been resolute about staying in the country.
Ukraine Unlocked brings you another special edition to provide a summary of what happened this weekend. 

Defiant Zelensky remains in Kyiv. Credit: Getty Images
In Kyiv, and Around the Country 
  • A Lot of Fakers: Numerous false stories, videos, and photos have been shared across social media regarding the war in Ukraine. Stories like the Ghost of Kyiv and Ukrainian soldiers who told off a Russian warship have all been called into question because of the abundance of fake reports. Similarities between Russian and Ukrainian military equipment further obscure the truth. Both armies still utilize older equipment produced during the Soviet Union, making it hard to distinguish which military is presented in short video clips circulating the internet.
  • Zelensky Remains: Zelensky has made it a priority to show that he is still in Kyiv and has no plans to leave the country. He has posted numerous videos to social media showing him in the nation’s capital. The US offered Zelenskyy an emergency evacuation, but he declined and instead asked for ammunition. Recent polling shows that 70% of Ukrainians believe they will be victorious, while 91% support Zelenskyy. This is quite the turn-around from his slipping popularity before the invasion.
  • Kyiv and Kharkiv Remain Ukraine’s: The two largest cities in Ukraine remained under the control of Ukrainian authorities as of Sunday. Despite Russian forces’ attempts to take both cities, Ukrainian armed forces were able to thwart their advances. 
Red is what is allegedly under Russian control as of yesterday. Credit: New York Times
Global Tensions Rise
  • Swiped from SWIFT: The US, EU, and Canadian leaders agreed to remove certain Russian banks from the interbank messaging system, SWIFT. The move essentially cuts these banks off from international operation and has been a priority for the Ukrainian government and its supporters. Critics worry that the consequences could be far-reaching and send inflation soaring globally.
  • Nukes on the Move: Putin ordered Russian nuclear forces to be put on high alert in response to what he characterized as “aggressive statements” from NATO. Back in November, Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko offered to host Russian nukes in his country. Movement of nukes would further stoke tensions with the west, where leaders seem to be uncertain of Putin’s next move.   
  • Negotiations at the Border: Delegations from Russia and Ukraine will meet to try and find a resolution to the ongoing crisis. The talks come after both sides have blamed each other for rejecting peace negotiations. President Zelenskyy seemed doubtful that the sides would come to an agreement.  
  • The Hypocrisy of Support: Support for Ukraine seems to be overwhelming in western nations, and many countries have opened their borders to refugees. But some critics have pointed out that refugees in the past have not received the same support. Back in 2015 during the peak of the Syrian refugee crisis, the EU faced deep internal strife about how to best handle the influx of migrants from the middle east. Many countries that are welcoming Ukrainians, like Poland and Hungary, refused to accept refugees back in 2015.   
  • No to War: Four days after the invasion, anti-war protests are still taking place throughout Russia with the rallying cry “No to War!” Several Russian oligarchs, celebrities, and even a Duma member have taken a stance against the war and are calling for immediate peace. In response, the government has detained over 2,000 protestors and made It illegal to call the conflict an invasion or war. 
Some Human Moments Prevail
Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding the war in Ukraine, videos shared over social media show that there is still humanity.

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